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the first icon post of 2012
After many, many months of messing around in Photoshop, here are some more icons.

Code Geass, Mawaru Penguindrum, Panty & Stocking, Legend of Zelda, and Marilyn Monroe.

panty & stocking
Character bias much?

legend of zelda
...I like Fi.

geass, penguindrum, marilyn monroe
Poor little 4 miscellaneous icons.

Please comment if you're taking; it's nice to know when someone uses my stuff.
→ Credit is nice but not necessary.
→ I won't be providing images this time, unfortunately! I went through way too many pages of fanart to remember where half of these pictures are.
→ Again, please don't friend me for icons.

Gorgeous, taking the second Zelda one with credit!

THE ZELDA ONES AHHHH SO PRETTY. Actually. These are all full of amazing ~*~*FABULOSITY*~*~

The ~*~*FABULOSITY*~*~ is part of the grand plan.

Love the Fi icons! Taking a couple :)

(Deleted comment)
I assure you that the tags do not lie. And thank you for commenting with one of my icons for looking!

totes took some stocking, will credit <3

Ahhh they're all super pretty! *_*

Taking a few of your beautiful Zelda icons :)

taking, will credit.

Taking some of the Zelda ones, and I'll credit you.


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