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Skyward Sword ramblings
I figured it's appropriate to actually say something about the game since I've had it for two days and am now nearly halfway through it. So yeah. Spoilers as usual.

Let me just say this: this game is kicking my ass and I am loving it. I am being challenged with the puzzles and the exploration and the enemies and this makes me happy.

I love this game's Link and how he's established as a prodigious and obviously gifted young man who kind of has his head in the clouds but can really do great things when it gets down to it. You get a feeling of progression when you watch a kid who used to sleep in late all the time transform into a full-fledged hero who does all kinds of things to fulfill his destiny.

Zelda's also adorable. I don't see how people think she's a bitch. Sure, she's feisty and headstrong, but she doesn't do anything in the game that would warrant bitch status. You also get a really nice feel for how she's coping with her own destiny, and her desire to go back to the way things were with Link and her reluctance to fulfill her destiny. Link kind of exhibits the same reluctance, but he also has a dogged determination to rescue Zelda from... evil. Or something.

And don't believe all the haters, THIS GAME LOOKS AMAZING. I don't think I've been so impressed with graphics in a Zelda game since Wind Waker. Playing through the game, I understand that their graphic choice suited the game perfectly and that it wouldn't be nearly as effective with a more realistic style — which is exactly what I think of Wind Waker's graphics. The slight cartoon edge keeps it going. The world is also fantastically beautiful and vast.

Groose is actually super awesome. I love him. He's hilarious. And while he is egotistical, he raises a lot of good points about Link's lackluster work/practice ethic and how he should receive more recognition for his hard work and determination. It also looks like he'll be helping me fight that really annoying Imprisoned boss, which is duly appreciated because that boss is fucking annoying. More on that later. Impa's pretty cool, too, and she's totally badass enough to block Ghirahim's David Bowie's attacks.

Speaking of Ghirahim David Bowie, holy crap, he's creepy. Like, seriously. I had chills when I first met him. And you were right, ryttu3k: Ghirahim's a challenge. He must have caught my sword at least a dozen times and then thrown it at me. His second, non-sword-grabbing phase was actually a lot easier than his first one.

The bosses haven't been too bad so far. Ghirahim was the hardest, but that fire spider thing and the scorpion-like boss were relatively easy. I hate The Imprisoned, though. God, that boss is so annoying. And I have to fight him like 3 other times, what the hell.

The Beetle is officially one of the coolest items ever. I had my doubts at first, but it controls very well and its usefulness is amazing. In fact, all of the items are useful in their own way. I have yet to encounter an item that's completely useless.

The side quests in this game are hilarious. There's one that involves delivering a love letter, and you can go two ways: actually give it to the person it's supposed to go to, or give the letter to the ghost that haunts the bathroom at night. I highly suggest you make use of the Wii's reset function to view both outcomes, especially the ghost one.

I actually really like Fi. I know she doesn't really have a "personality" but she's so useful. (I dig her character design, too.) Well, I personally like her better than Midna. That's just the utilitarian side of me speaking, though.

That being said, this game has a LOT of things that are ripe for theorizing. The technology of the world is one of the parts that bothers me. How did Hyrule go from being such a technologically advanced land to a more medieval-like country? Granted, in Lanayru Desert, the technologically advanced part has long since been destroyed, but the people of Skyloft still could have brought their technology over into Hyrule. I'll have to articulate upon it more when I'm not totally tired.

I also recently theorized about the creation of the Oocca. The basic argument is that the Skyloftians that elected to stay in the sky at the end became the Ooocca. I don't know how to rationally theorize an evolutionary timeline for this development without some crazy and disturbing ideas, so let's just stick with divine intervention for now. It does make sense, though. Perhaps the islands of the Sky fell toward Hyrule again after the land had mostly been purged of evil. In order to continue living in the sky, the technologically advanced Skyloftians built a flying city and continued to stay true to their original proto-Hyrule culture and language. This would explain the Oocca's strange language that Link can't understand and perhaps why the Oocca can still pick up on the Hyrulean language, as it would logically bear similarities to the original proto-Hyrulean language. This would also explain some of the architecture and the technology, as well as the Oocca's apparent connection to the gods.
The people of Hyrule could have mistaken the migration of the Sky people to the land below as the sky people creating the Hyruleans, over time.

I wonder if TP-era Hyrule is going through a SS-era renaissance. A lot of the names of the provinces correlate to the names of areas in Skyward Sword. Again, something to elaborate on when I'm less tired.

So... yeah. I am loving the game so far and can't wait to get further! But first, birthday presents must be bought and essays must be written.

Heh, I found it the other way around - it was the first phase that I found relatively smooth, it was just the second one (AHHH THINGS FLYING AT ME D8) and that charge attack that kicked my arse!

But yes. I NEED THIS GAME IS IT TOMORROW YET. And holy shit, I think Groose may become one of my favourite characters. I watched his skydiving cutscene and almost sprained something from laughing.


I need more SS icons.

Really? I'm bad at swinging the sword quickly (probably has something to do with the fact that I have no Wii jacket), but I just dodged the diamond projectiles and used a timed shield block to throw Ghirahim's charge off balance.

Groose is amazing. "WHAT IS THAT THING?!" I can't help but like him, especially when he feels bad at his uselessness during the first Imprisoned fight.

...Not yet. /not much of a Zelda shipper, unless it involves friendship

Re: I need more SS icons.

See, using tactics might have helped me XD

IT IS A TINY BIRD, GROOSE 8D And aww... I haven't seen that bit yet (I know what happens, just haven't watched the videos), so I'm looking forward to it!

I ship everyone that moves. It's great fun.

Re: I need more SS icons.

The shield blocks do wonders, but they DO take a while to really get used to. Luckily, it is very cheap to fix your shield. And don't worry if you're still really bad at them. I've tried blocking Moblins, Lizalfos, and everything else, but I usually just find that it's easier to dodge.

It's a little sad. After you beat the Imprisoned for the first time, you head back out to the arena where you fought the monster. Groose will be outside and he will lament on how he couldn't do anything before running off and banging his fist against the rocks in frustration. Luckily, Groose will build the Groosenator and chuck bombs at it next time. So that makes him badass.

...Wow. I do actually think that Pipit/Karane is cute... and I crackship Cawlin/Ghost.

I'm currently heading into Ancient Cistern, and I can't wait. It's a seriously gorgeous-looking dungeon. Oh, by the by, have fun in the Lanayru Desert when you get the game. It is vast and annoying and full of quicksand. (And birds that drop rocks on you.) Also, the bomb mechanics in this game ROCK once you get used to them.

Re: I need more SS icons.

Heh, that works. I shall see how I go!

Poor Groose. And heh, first time I read about the Groosenator, I just went, "...I'VE GOTTA SEE THIS." Not looking it up, though, I'm saving that for the game!

I've seen Link/Pipit already. Fandom is amazing.

Good luck! 8D I've seen part of a playthrough on that - the boss looks IN. TENSE.

Re: I need more SS icons.

Good luck! Fortunately, David-Bowie-Ghirahim is really the only difficult boss in the first half of the game. The second and third bosses are CAKE.

Ooh, okay, I won't say what it is. But it involves explosions.

Seriously? Really, fandom, really.

I'm getting the boss key as we speak. The temple itself is jaw-droppingly beautiful, but it's INTENSE. Link goes to the basement and gets attacked by zombie Bokoblins. So many Indiana Jones moments in this temple.
Oh yeah, the boss figure key things are REALLY annoying. Fair warning.

Re: I need more SS icons.

XD Oh good! I did hear that the second one is easy.

I know it has bombs! 8D Just haven't. SEEN it.

Here and here. Note that those are /cm/ links, though, so they'll disappear eventually!

XD Will be prepared. And GOOD LUCK!

Re: I need more SS icons.

The second one is pretty easy. Tip: when his legs get taller, the minute he walks over you, press Z to switch to behind-the-back view. That way, when he comes toppling down, you'll be able to dodge him. The third boss is even easier than him, actually.

I think it's a catapult?

Broken links are broken. Oh, well. The pairing wasn't my cup of tea, so it's probably for the best?

Man, the Mecha-Shiva was awesome! You get to pick up its own swords and bash the living crap out of it. Once you pick up the strategy, it's fun. And intense. But mostly fun. I WANT TO DO IT AGAIN.

Re: I need more SS icons.

...Ooh. Okay! I'll bear that in mind!

Neat. The world needs more catapaults.

Huh, really? Tthe thread is still up, they should be working...

But it regenerates SO MANY TIMES D8

Re: I need more SS icons.

Yeaaah, you REALLY don't want to get hit by that boss as it's rolling downhill. Also, make sure you're never way, way too far ahead of the boss, because it'll eventually hit a bomb and tumble all the way to the bottom. And then you have to go chase after it and throw bombs in its mouth a la King Dodongo.

Indeed we do.

It's a direct link thing. Oh, well. I'm fine. Really.

Haha, that's true. You bash it while it's stationary two times (this is assuming you do it correctly) and then you have to hit 2-3 times while it's running around. Oh, well. It's still fun!

Re: I need more SS icons.

...Oh shit XD I will keep an eye out!

Yeah, ah well. One of them's on dA, though!

Huh... the video I saw had more times.

Re: I need more SS icons.

No, no, it's really not as hard as it sounds! XD

That's fine. Really. Also, Pipit got angry at me last night. I ended up eavesdropping on his conversation with his mom and he made some uncalled-for comments. Yeah.

Probably because they weren't getting enough hits in before the boss decided to restart its cycle? SS is all about small windows of opportunities to really get a few good slashes in on bosses before they restart their cycle.

Re: I need more SS icons.

Oh. That's good to hear!

...Oh dear?

Yeah, that's possible. Thankfully, I am good at getting large amounts of hits in in a small period of time XD It's just precision that's a problem.

Re: I need more SS icons.

Pipit was all like, "Well you're not Mr. Perfect either, are you, Mr. Eavesdropper?" This was all over the fact that Pipit's mom was paying Link to clean the house.

Good luck? I've found that most bosses are susceptible to mindless, frenzied swinging with the exception of the third boss, who is susceptible to mindless, frenzied stabbing.

Re: I need more SS icons.

Haha, whoops. I accidentally got a tirade on how being a knight is not about money?

Wonderful! Good to know. I shall attempt it once my arm stops complaining XD

Re: I need more SS icons.

Yeah, disregard that. Pipit only takes the night guard shift to make money... which his mom promptly spends on Link for cleaning the house.

I do most of my playing sitting down... I would love to do it standing up, but I have the most inconvenient cabinet for Wii motion sensor bars ever.

Re: I need more SS icons.


So do I, but... arm movements ._.


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