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icon post #something
These are all the result of me messing around in Photoshop for fun.

legend of zelda
I lost the Wind Waker caps, so uh... have some fanart.

random stuff that doesn't go anywhere
I think the title is pretty self-explanatory.

→ comment if you're taking; it's nice to know when someone uses my stuff
→ credit is nice
→ I made some of these a while ago, so I can't guarantee that I'll be able to find every single source image upon request. I'll try, anyhow.
→ again, please don't friend me for icons.

Thanks for sharing! I snagged a few. Will credit when used!

Lovely! Can I pester for a link to the original art in those Zelda icons, the one of Zelda with the Master Sword? I've never seen it before and it's marvelous.


Taking the one of Zelda and Link together. Could I get a link to the original fanart? :)

Do you mean the fanart for this icon? Right here.

These are all very nice :)
taking the cute one of Link and Zelda together (The first one)

Gorgeous Zelda icons. Taking all of them, will credit if used!

Very pretty Zelda icons! Taking a few, will definitely credit. ^_^

Wow love em' all. ^^



I CAN HEAR MY VOICE YELLING THIS, AND I'M GETTING A SLIGHT HEADACHE LOL. College is getting better. I felt really overwhelmed for the first few weeks because chem teachers decided to kill everybody with homework, labs, and lovely things. I'm doing okay now, but I reaaally don't want to write up an entry lolol lazy. And I'm feeling a bit antisocial XD I HAVE TO GIVE A SPEECH ON MONDAY OMG FREAKING OUT. HAJKSHJKSHA. PUBLIC SPEAKING MAKES ME WANT TO SOB/SCREAM/RUN AWAY.


I TAKE IT THAT YOU'RE EXHAUSTED AND IT'S MAKING YOU IMAGINE THINGS. I know what you mean about being antisocial. I don't feel like doing much online now. I just want to play video games and make icons and not share them. Public speaking scares me, too, but I'm apparently "good" at it. The trick is to act confident and like you know what you're doing; project your voice, enunciate, and don't rely too much on what you've written down.

We had to put my cat down about two weeks ago, which made me horrifically sad. I've only half-adapted to life without her. I keep expecting her to be there and do those little idiosyncratic things, and sometimes I think I see or hear her (lol freaky) but then I realize she's gone. Sometimes I cry, sometimes I have to be the mom of the family and say it was for the best and to move on. Honestly, it's kind of surreal.
...And THAT whole mess is probably the reason I've been so antisocial online.

I PROBABLY WAS. BUT I'M BETTER NOW SOMEHOW. I just posted my first blog-type entry in a month. Woooow fail friend I am. My speech was okay, I guess. I pretty much read out my outline, so I effed up on the eye contact part. Hahaha. I'm not the type who can go up and make up stuff that I didn't write down. I have to say it almost word for word, or I get really screwed up in the middle.

waaah sorry to hear about that :( I never know what to say to comfort people, so I'll just say that the grief does pass. But then at the same time, it's okay to grieve. Okay I make no sense. AS USUAL.

SEE, IT JUST TAKES SOME GETTING USED TO. I rarely update ever, even on stuff I'm supposed to update... which totally reminds me that there's something else I need to update because I haven't done it in forever. Wah.
Eye contact is a major part of public speaking as well. Connecting with the audience and whatnot. It's best to get the basic idea of the material and then expand upon it with your personal thoughts. At least, that's what I did in Debate for the semester that I took it. You would highlight the main ideas and use them as pointers.

I'm much better now, but the mom still cries at the thought of putting the cat down. She's always questioning her choice, and I have to keep reminding her that it was better for our cat to be put out of her misery rather than suffer for our "benefit." (Not that watching her starve to death and stuffing pills down her throat, crying every day is really beneficial to us.) The vet even sent us a nice sympathy card and all. Grieving is only natural, as the loss of a loved one is something almost all cultures mourn, but it's also important not to dwell upon it too long.

JUST LIKE EVERYTHING IN LIFE. I SHOULD KNOW THIS BY NOW. The best way to update is to do a meme. Like. Seriously.
If I see people stare at me and nod and stuff, I mess up instantly. I wish I could just not do any public speaking. Ever.

Yeah, I'm totally behind putting down animals if they are in a lot of pain. EEK I HOPE YOUR MOM WILL BE OKAY. Have you guys considered getting another pet?

I don't have any memes to steal. Other than yours. But I have nothing interesting to share about my life and nobody on my flist replies to memes except you. Yeah, I said it.
It's better to have the nod than a stare of bafflement. If you are receiving baffled looks, then you officially fail as a public speaker. You haven't, so you don't.

Well, the cat had terminal cancer. There was no cure for it and the treatment did not have a guaranteed success. From a detached standpoint, it's better that we put the cat down considering the pain she was in, but my mother isn't as good at emotionally distancing herself with these kinds of things. She'll probably get a new cat when I go to college.

Oh yeah, and FYI, if you ever get a Wii, don't buy Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. Everyone in the game is an anime stereotype or a parody of an anime stereotype, and I mean the latter in the most insulting way possible. I don't think I've been so annoyed at two protagonists than I have been in this game.

Okay then. Ah whatever, LJ is kinda dying out anyway.
YOU DON'T KNOW THAT FOR SUUUUUUURE 8| Hah jk, I don't think that's ever happened before.

It's okay if your mom is sad. Just make sure she gets over it in a couple of weeks...

Hah I don't think I'll ever get a Wii. And here I thought the Tales of games were good.

That it is. But I hate twitter with a passion (pointless posts I don't care about galore, and my wordiness wouldn't go over well) and I don't want to get a Facebook because... it's a trend. And I hate jumping on the bandwagon. So anti-conformist.
OR DO I? I'm sure it's important to be understood in public speaking. Debate, it's better if nobody understands you so that nobody can form valid arguments.

...It's kind of been a couple of weeks. She's recovering, though. She's already thinking up names for the new cat.

Oh no, they are good. Tales of Symphonia is totally amazing. It's just that the sequel isn't. On top of being hard to take seriously, the plot, characters, and "witty" dialogue are so terrible at times that I'm half-convinced it's a joke. Can you believe there's only one good character in the entire game? 8|

Okay, yeah I totally hate Twitter. So pointless. But FB is actually pretty useful. I was kinda like you since I was against going with the "trendy" sort of things, but it helps you connect with friends who go off to college and stuff. Quite convenient...

Aw, okay that's good to hear. This makes me want to get a pet very badly. I'd be a dork and name my pets after literary or video game characters.

That sounds completely awful. I'm safe in my little DS world... FOR NOW.

Twitter is that thing where it's like, "omg I just got a bacon and cheese sandwich!" and it's like, I DON'T CARE. I'd probably only get a Facebook to keep up with my teachers and friends after I graduate. That is, considering I still want to.

I named my car Ferdinand after the Spanish king. That should give you an idea of what I'd name a new cat.

BE GRATEFUL FOR YOUR LITTLE DS WORLD. There's this weird fucker in the game who sways his hips and acts like a total idiot all the time. He's supposed to be an extremely formidable enemy that I have to take seriously. Seriously, game. Seriously.

YEAH EXACTLY. Although it would kinda be fun to personalize your layout... heh heh hur hur. My laughs are getting creepier and creepier. I like layout stuff lol. You really should! I like it. So. Yeah 8D


He obviously wanted to become a Spanish dancer. BUT FAILED. So he had to become a terrible villain. The enemies are usually the coolest characters, too. How disappointing.

I elect to stay here, alone. Sad. Babbling to myself. Apparently a lot of people moved to tumblr but it's apparently similar to Twitter in regards to short blog posts, so it's not for me. Part of the reason I don't have a Facebook is because I'd only have a handful of friends I could count on one hand. Awkward.

THAT'S PERFECT. Alexander the Great, I mean. Naming a cat Phoenix Wright seems... you might as well name it Lawyer Cat. Which is 10x awesomer.

I just imagined him with a Spanish accent. Gee, thanks. You should see this game, seriously. Everyone's stupidity is so magnificent that it's hilarious and yet sad at the same time. I can't even describe all the instances of stupidity in this game because there are just so many. But I can basically sum it up by the fact that it takes the protagonists 10 in-game hours to realize something that was already apparent to the viewer 20 minutes into the game. This breaches new levels of sad.


Dude... tumblr is weird. Now that I think of it, it is a lot like Twitter. Boo. Okay, the thing about FB is that people who you have pretty much never even talked to will end up adding you. Well, usually only girls do it. But yeah.

I am reserving that name for when I get a cat. CAPICHE? Lawyer Cat... that seems like it will be one of those cat memes lol.

Did that make him a tad bit better? Slow characters, man. Just like the last book of Hunger Games. ALSO. I WATCHED HANNA. AND CATE BLANCHETT HAS AMAZING SHOES, YES. I did not like that movie at all. So predictable. And the camerawork made me kinda dizzy. /sigh


Tumblr IS weird. People either post pictures all the time or make vague, angsty comments. That's why I don't like it, even though all I've done lately is post vague, angsty comments. This is why I will probably never get a FB. If I did, I'd be extremely selective in whom I add.

You should get a cat. They are low-maintenance and do not need to be walked in the rain, snow, hurricane, or hail. All you need to do is clean their litterbox, which is a little better than picking up fresh shit. It probably will become a meme. Just you wait.

Yes. I imagined him with a fake-looking mustache. I don't mind slow characters as long as they're used for comedic effect or are proved to actually be logically capable, just not intellectually capable. But having a protagonist that they attempt to pass off as intelligent and relatable despite having the intelligence of a 6-year-old is insulting to the player. I KNOW, DOESN'T SHE? I WANT THEM. My boyfriend guessed the outcome of the movie the minute he saw the DNA lab. I liked the German sociopath dude, though. And the song he whistled. I wish I could whistle better so that I could whistle that tune.

taking some zelda thanks ♥ lovely work

I took two zelda icons♥
They are so gorgeous. The pastel looking Link & Zelda icon is my desktop wallpaper. I love it~

Lovely. :) I'm saving the one of Link and Zelda together.

Takin 3 for my dreamwidth account, will credit!

Taking some of the Zelda icons! They're gorgeous. Will credit.

I took some Zelda ones, and I'll credit you.


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