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come on and dance with me.
I have had Frank Sinatra stuck in my head all day.

Oh, and finally, an icon post that doesn't include CG.

Zelda, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn.

again, the wind waker caps are from pocketcucco. the positioning on these is crap. :/

grace kelly & audrey hepburn
yes, i do icon real people, and yes, i do icon retro celebrities. i love these two actresses like you wouldn't believe.

→ comment if you're taking
→ credit is nice
→ the Zelda images (except for the WW ones) will be available upon request. I found most of the retro celebrity images through the power of Google.
→ again, please don't friend me for icons.

took a few of the Zelda ones, really really lovely <3

Thank you!

Source me on that first image of TP Zelda, bb ♥

Also, hnnngh Audrey!♥


I was originally just going to do Grace Kelly, but then I couldn't stop thinking about Audrey while I was making the Kelly icons. MY ICONS DID HER LIKE NO JUSTICE.

You're the best~

THEY DID TOO, YOU SILLY THING. I wish I had more icon space so I could add her glorious image to my userpics. Especially the one with the telephone.

I TOLD YOU THAT I AM WORSE THAN YOU WHEN IT COMES TO SELF-EFFACING COMMENTS. Yay, I'm glad you like the telephone icon! I kept cropping and re-cropping it like mad because it was just such a perfect image. That reminds me... why haven't I added it to my icons?

brb, doing that.

(Deleted comment)
I think you're like one of the first people who has outright thanked me for posting icons? So thank YOU.

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Awww, WW Link is so adorably expressive. <3 Saving a few, thanks!

I love how WW Link is so expressive. It makes him seem more... three-dimensional? Well, whatever the term is. XD

the zelda ones are so pretty!

Hehe, thanks!

I love your Wind Waker icons. They just jump off the page. Thanks for making.

First off, I LOVE your username. I used to watch Pinky and the Brain all the time in ye olden days.

Secondly, thank you! I have a lot of fun making the Wind Waker icons.

Your icons. Omg. BEAUTIFUL.

I WANNA PLAY WW NOW. PH is pissing me off so badly lolol.


I looove Wind Waker. It just recently usurped Ocarina of Time as my favorite Zelda game EVER. Playing it is an experience in itself. (It kind of takes a while to REALLY get into it, though... but I love it like burning.)
Haha, you should have bought Spirit Tracks. You shouldn't have done that.

Nifty! These are some great icons! I'll probably be snagging some Princess Zelda ones. This is turning out to be the best birthday ever. XD Do you know who the artist is the for the Princess Zelda ones from the top row? I'd love to see the full(size) picture.

Aw, cool, it's your birthday today? Happy birthday! I don't know the name of the artist for the TP Zelda ones, but here's the full picture.

Yep, it was, thank you! (As it's now the 3rd and therefore no longer my birthday XD). 32 years old, and looking forward to what the coming year will bring. :D Thank you for the Zelda link! That picture is just gorgeous.

These are beautiful! I love the colours c:

Gorgeous! I want to know the source for the OoT little Zelda next to the Skyward Sword one. Thanks.

really sweet icons :3

loving all of these, especially 1 - 5 of the Zelda ones :D

Took some Zelda ones :)

Late finding these but the colors of the Wind Waker icons are AMAZING. Snagging some!

Snagging a Zelda image, one of the Wind Waker ones. Thank you!

Taking some Zelda ones. I love the first fanart that you used and edited a few different ways in the LoZ set.


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