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more icons!
The internet here is frickin' miserable. Anyway, yeah, more icons. And ew, this post! Why so gross?

are you surprised. really. icons #26-31 are bases from paperpapillon.

all of the wind waker caps were provided by pocketcucco, who is the awesomest person on the face of this earth. whatever capture device you're using, dear, I WANT IT. i promise i will icon more next time.

→ comment if you're taking
→ credit is nice
→ I probably won't be able to find most of the original pictures - most of them are on pixiv, hidden in the mountain of fanart. Like, really hidden. If you really want it, though, I'll try to find the original pictures.
→ again, please don't friend me for icons.

Yo Fa, if you haven't noticed, I'm not on Neo anymore. Sorry I didn't mail you before I left. ^_^;;

Don't worry, I'll still stal-I mean check out your posts, site and whatnot. xD

Daaaw, really? I've only been on LJ for the duration of my vaycay; I've mostly been dropping in on Neo to see if someone actually mailed me.

Haha, nice. I probably have a lot of affies to check and whatnot. I'll miss your site! /cries in corner

Yeah my brother and his family are moving out on the 30th, and I've been on neo on and off for 5 years now. It seems like it's time to let it die, I just had that sort of feeling all of a sudden. I'm still making graphics and stuff though, THAT is something I didn't leave. xP

I know I'll post any walls I make on AnimePaper, I'm also scanned for AP now. I don't know if I want to post my icons, vectors, or other graphics anywhere though. =/ It seems like a bit of a hassle. x)


I know what you mean. My oldest account is 70+ months old now, and I haven't used it in forever. I just recently started re-playing, and not even seriously at that. tbh, I'm sort of ambivalent on resuming site work - it's nice to be lazy and focus on other stuff, but I do still want to run the site.
I'm glad you didn't abandon graphics-making. Your graphics rock. Like, seriously.

I'd personally like to see more of your vectors, but icons are a big pain in the butt in post, especially in bulk. :/ Doesn't AP accept vectors?

I don't think I could ever abandon web/graphic design. Actually, I've expanding into using even more programs. I use PS7, GIMP, Blender, and Inkscape now. xD (GIMP is only for when PS7's smudge tool goes to hell on me)

Oh yeah they do, and now that I use Inkscape and can resize at least my line art to what I want, I'll probably start posting them up. I mean I have one posted there already, but it's my first one from a long time ago. xD


I'm definitely taking. These are so pretty. <3

Thank you!

Cute icon, by the way. :)

Ah the Wind Waker icons turned out lovely! ♥ I adore your positioning with them too. :D I will be snagging a few and I'm looking forward to seeing your next batch~

whatever capture device you're using, dear, I WANT IT.

I'm using a Dolphin emulator, which is verrrrry time consuming if it refuses to cooperate, but totally worth it for snagging high quality shots. :D

Really? I liked cropping the enemies, but I was skeptical on the Link and Tetra ones. But yay, I'm glad you like them!

I thought it was a Dolphin emulator. Does your computer have to be super-awesome to handle one? Because... I do not have a super-awesome computer. D: So many things I must save up my money for...

My laptop isn't the best out there (it can't even run Sims 3 without crashing) and every once in a while the emulator tends to run super slow, but for the most part, it runs smoothly. c: I think most computers that were bought in the last five years or so should run Dolphin rather well.

My computer is suuuuper lame, but some of my friends have the same kind and they can run MMORPGs and huge comp games on them, so I guess it's not too much of a stretch.
BUT before I do, do I have to use a controller? Like, if I wanted to play Wind Waker in high-def, (I think TP's sound isn't yet supported? If it was, I'd totally play it) do I have to go out, buy some port thing, and then plug in my Gamecube controller to play? Or is it possible to play with the keyboard?

I'm not much of a computer geek; I can barely figure out the DS emulators. :X

You can use a controller if you want (though you'd have to buy the software, bleh), but it's totally 100% possible to play with just the keyboard. That's what I've been doing. :)

It's fine, it took me a long time to figure these things out myself. :)

Ew, software? Upon Googling it, I found a lot of varied answers: some say it's as easy as buying a $10 universal USB port from Walmart and installing a driver, and others say you have to actually buy a gamepad and go through a ton of technical crud. I get used to keyboard controls easily, but I completely rock at the game with a Gamecube controller - hence why I'm asking.

lol I'm actually obsessing over all of this before I even know if my comp can handle it. There's so much nerd talk I don't even understand.

Ahh yes, it's so much easier with the GC controller. :( But I didn't want to go to all the trouble of having to buy things and install drivers...mostly just because I'm cheap, lol. But you start getting used to the keyboard after a while so it isn't too bad.

If you do install everything and it doesn't work right away, let me know and I'll take caps of what settings I have my emulator set to. :)

I think the farthest I'd be willing to go is the $10 and free driver. Anything beyond that is a no go. If it doesn't end up working, then dammit I wasted $10, I'll get used to the keyboard controls. Who knows, maybe not being as pro as I usually am will help me get over my obsessive phobia of low health. (I have weird Zelda phobias.)

Alright, I think I'll wait till tomorrow, when I get off vacation, to download it and see. (The internet here is seriously miserable.) Hopefully all will go well.
Another question: when you play WW, does it have sound? I've been hearing that the Zelda titles have sound issues. It won't stop me from attempting to play, of course, but sound > no sound.

Oh no worries, I have similar Zelda phobias. :') I start getting anxious when I don't have any bottled fairies (and I feel especially better when every bottle has a fairy in it).

Yup, it does! :) Sometimes the sound slows or speeds up a bit, but otherwise, it's always playing and only mutes if I minimize the Dolphin window or something of the like.

A friend of mine is actually playing through TP on Dolphin, and I talked to her tonight and she said the sound works just fine with that game as well.

I must always have a minimum of one fairy in a bottle at all times. When I started getting better at the game, I got super-comfortable with having one fairy, one Elixir Soup, and two Blue Potions. I think TP is the only Zelda game where I'm VERY comfortable with having no fairies at all.

Phew, that's awesome! I downloaded Dolphin, the other stuff, and configured it. I'm just waiting for the WW rom to load. Is it SUPPOSED to be 1.2 GB? That's... freakin' huge. (2 hours, 12 minutes remaining of the download time as of now.) Well, it IS a GC game...

I'll have to try it out. Most of the videos I've seen of it so far don't have sound, but they're almost two years old now.

EDIT: Okay, how big is your ISO file for WW? The one I downloaded is well over a million bytes, and since my computer is LAME, it can't handle the volume. I'm guessing it means I need to delete stuff to make more room for it. Do you know any smaller ISOs?

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Ah yeah, I felt safe in TP not holding one until I got to the final battle. And there was the mini-boss battle for the spiked ball and chain, but you get free soup from Yeto for that. :)

Yeah, if I recall, the Wind Waker ISO is pretty big (which is sort of strange, because I've downloaded several GC ISOs [Animal Crossing, for instance] that were less than a gigabyte). :( Let's see, mine was...2.47 GB? I got mine from emuparadise.org, they have a pretty nice selection of ROMs and ISOs.

I had fairies in all my bottles when I attempted a three-heart run of TP. Ugh, that ball and chain miniboss. I either have the best of luck with him or he kills me before I even touch him.

O-Oh god. So mine is actually smaller. (I think it was barely over 2 GB.) Well, until I figure out how to make enough volume space or whatever for the ISO, I can't play Wind Waker. /sobs in a corner
Maybe there's a lighter ISO out there? Okay, this is why I need to invest in a kickass computer. Farewell, dreams of OoT 3DS gameplay. :(

Ooh, my friend just did a three-heart run of TP and had a hell of a time with that guy... I didn't realize how much damage he did until I watched her fighting him with only three hearts. :(

I'm probably going to be poking around for a working Harvest Moon ISO tonight, so I'll keep an eye out for a smaller Wind Waker one as well. :) Zelda ISOs are really finicky though, I've found; the one I have really only works with specific settings on Dolphin, whereas other GC games I've played will run with pretty much anything. But yeah, if you can find anything to clean out, I'd recommend doing that just to be on the safe side.

Ahhh OoT 3DS, oh gosh I almost forgot that was coming out in a few weeks! *A* So much excite

I sometimes go to the extreme and do a three-heart run and a no-Hidden-Skills run. And then I always die in the Cave of Ordeals. Nice.
Yeah, considering how little damage most of the enemies AND bosses do in TP, I'm surprised that guy does so much. It doesn't help that his range is freakish.

I've heard that the Zelda ones in particular are finicky. The only other major thing I myself can clean out is Photoshop. Which is a no. SIIIGH. I'll just have to wait a year or two, invest in a good computer, and ditch this one.

I need to save up $350 for the game AND the system. Yes I am buying a whole $200+ system for one game, DON'T JUDGE ME.

Aw yeah, that might be your best bet if it's not working out... :( Either way, would you like me to send the rest of the caps I take once I finish the game (I'll probably be playing a bit more in the next few days since I'm on summer break)? I haven't been iconing much myself these days, but I certainly don't mind sharing them with someone who will use/needs them. :)

To be totally honest, I...I really only bought a 3DS for OoT, too. :') I do plan on buying several other games eventually, but the release of OoT is a huuuuuge incentive for me. A ton of my friends have been making fun of me because of it, haha.

Now I have to go and uninstall it. Find other games? idk. Aww, you would do that for me? I would really appreciate it! I love looking at all the shiny high-def pictures.

I would probably buy it for the Paper Mario and Animal Crossing releases being planned, but OoT was definitely the incentive for shelling out $300+ for the dang thing.

The Euphie icons are so pretty *_* Stop insulting your icons, HAG.

Really? I thought a lot of them were too bright. :O Be quiet, WHIPPERSNAPPER.

stealing all those suzaku icons for an rp


Really nice Zelda icons. 8D I especially like how the Wind Waker ones turned out: the colouring and positioning look great.

Thanks for sharing- will credit if used. |D

...Sheik...icons... /steals so fast

With credit, of course. These are beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

Beautiful coloring! :D Taking some of the Zelda with credit. Thank you so much for sharing~

Taking some Zelda, they're awesome <3

Took some of the Wind Waker ones!

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very nice pictures. :D
I really like them.


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